What is the SAAA all about?

Very basically the SAAA's role is about providing aviation support, education  and social activities for ordinary citizens who fly light aircraft for fun, recreation and interest.  Loosely these objectives could be called “Sport” hence the name.

In particular the SAAA members are mostly, but not exclusively, people who have built or are building their own aircraft. However, the SAAA is not just for homebuilders, but for  anyone who wants the enjoy the fellowship of sport flying.

In addition to direct member support the SAAA has an administration role in the Australian aviation scene.  The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has delegated the authority for issuing Certificates of Airworthiness for  homebuilt aircraft (of certain categories)  to the SAAA which then allows the owner to fly them in Australian Airspace. 

The SAAA provides education for members and administers programs and regulations that allow the builder to conduct ongoing maintenance on their aircraft to keep it airworthy.   ..........lots more   click here to read on.